Dr Mark Wheeler Phd

CEO and joint founder

Mark is a chartered psychologist and an experienced mental health therapist with over ten years’ of working in the NHS. As a therapist Mark’s area of expertise lies in treating trauma. His PhD focused on the benefits of group outdoor activities and the subsequent reduction of PTSD symptoms in military veterans. Mark is passionate about working with this client group. A keen angler who enjoys spending time on the bank.

Dr Nicholas Cooper PhD

CEO and joint founder

Nick is a Cognitive Neuroscientist with a PhD in Psychology as Applied to Medicine from Imperial College.  He is a senior lecturer and Academic Director of the Centre for Brain Science at the University of Essex.  His research interests include how stress and anxiety affect our behaviour and our brains and what can be done to counteract these changes.  He is a keen sea-angler and is trying valiantly to learn the more subtle arts of the freshwater fisherman!

Christopher Rainbow BSc

Fishing consultant

Chris studied a BSc in Fishery Management and aquaculture and has been working in the Angling industry for more than ten years. He is a passionate and experienced angler with a desire to give something back through sharing the sport he loves.  He has a detailed knowledge of all aspects of the angling and the fishing tackle industry and has travelled all over Europe in pursuit of his sport.

Dylan Treacy

Military consultant

Dylan joined Her Majesty’s British Army in 1985 and served until 2012. Throughout this service he was an Infantry Soldier serving in all conflicts during the period. Since leaving the regular army Dylan been employed by the MOD as Crown Servant to the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association as a Facilities manager of 8 Army Cadet Detachments in Essex. His military connections are very strong, veterans and still serving brothers of his regiment still have great communication and gatherings. Both Army and Infantry Carpers have been a big part of Dylan’s transition to becoming a veteran and both groups have supported him and others like him. Dylan is currently the iCARP Veterans match winner (2018).