Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity and inclusion are integral to everything we do at iCARP. Our organisation is committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in all its forms. We seek to enable all members of the iCARP community to achieve their full potential in an environment characterised by equality of respect and a sense of belonging. We understand and pay due regard to our duties under the Equality Act 2010, and to the protected characteristics detailed in the Act, but aim to go further in creating a community of allies that is welcoming to all and thoughtful and proactive about awareness and accommodation of difference.




Equality and Inclusion Consultant

Natalie is a Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries at Kings College London. Her research is centered on issues of diversity, inclusion and belonging, and on solving inequalities of access to opportunities and resources. She is widely published and has worked with policymakers, lottery-funded organisations, charities, changemakers and activist groups. Her report on ‘What Works’ to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in the UK’s creative economy was launched in Parliament last year, and in 2021 she wrote a report for the Film and Television Charity to ensure emergency Covid funding was distributed to those most disadvantaged and minoritized. Natalie’s work can be read on the Kings College Academia website.

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